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Pattern Shop :

We have an in-house regular pattern shop as well as outsource facility with state-of-the-art design and modeling facilities. We benchmarked ourselves in making patterns with accurate dimensions and tolerance.

Moulding Facilities :

  • CO2 Moulding
  • Silron Moulding
  • Molasses Moulding
  • No Nake Moulding
  • Intensive Sand Mixer
  • Numeric Controlled
  • Sand Mullers
  • Sand Mixers
  • Sand Conditioners

Fettling Shop :

Swing frame Grinders
Flexible shaft Grinders
Hoist Crane (5 MT) - 05 Nos.
Hoist Crane (3 MT) - 02 Nos.
Wheel Trolley (5 MT) - 03 Nos.

Melting Facilities :

Equipped with Cupola furnaces of 30" lining and Oil fired furnace which conducts liquid metal of 3.5 MT capacity with which we can make single piece casting up to 3.0 MT approx. We also have an associated Induction Furnace of 3.0 MT capacity by which we produces single piece casting up to 2.5 MT.