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Quality Assurance

Total conformance of the highest standards of quality has always been the routine practice at JATIN INDUSTRIES. Our quality management system is validated by ISO 9001:2008 Certification from BSCIC. In addition to that steps are being taken to evolve in to a continuously improving highly efficient lean enterprise. Some of the salient features of our quality assurance practice are :

  • All the casting manufactured bear a unique identification on un-machined surface which help us maintain a precise traceability of the material used and process involved.
  • All the vendors and sub contractors/service providers are selected after a careful examination and test orders. Yet, periodic and random checks are performed at regular intervals.
  • Procedure-matrices are made to perform each and every process involved by qualified personnel and are strictly adhered to.
  • On line Temp Measuring Instrument,
  • Online CE Measuring Instrument,
  • Online Carbon Measurement,
  • Online Si. Measurements,
  • On line Hardness Measurement,
  • Electronic Hardness Measuring Device with Print out.
By the way of Online Measurements facility we do have Preventive type of Quality control rather then Corrective.